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Trusted People

Here are a list of people and companies I have worked with who have REAL experience, PROPER ethics and are leaders in their fields. These people are passionate and dedicaed to what they do and we recommend them from actually knowing them. There are enough bull merchants around making unreal claims - here are some that dont and are awesome!

Vyomax Nutrition

I am extremely fond of these guys. I have been shouting about them for years, recommended them in the Rebel Diet book, my DVD's etc long before they ever sponsored me.
This company grew ethically and with absolute belief in what they were doing and provide real supplements without the "hype", rediculous price tags and are there for the consumer, their customers and have time for every person walking through the doors. I have watched them grow and develop. I have used their own supplements for years and am very proud to be associated with them and also to understand the ethics behind the brand.

Seed of Speed - Michael Clegg Snr & awesome Family

Michael Clegg Snr - Manchester United's strength & conditioning coach for over 10years, radical developer of mental to physical performance, coach to his World Champion and elite children and complete visionary and also one of my students - proud to call him a friend.
Follow his site for the work he is doing and the ground breaking innovation he is bringing to the sports arena.
The entire family all progress their own sports and with a "no bull" attitude which my industry is sadly lacking. These guys have REAL experience, REAL history and are REALLY pushing the boundaries.

Roddy Willis & Alpine Mojo

This is a story and a half!
Roddy was a student of mine who progressed through to Master Practitioner Level. He is also a ski coach and instructor in Verbier, Switzerland and coaches all levels of skiers. He is the only student I have had that told everyone else to ‘get out of his office’ i.e. my training room and then to lever every other student well out of their comfort zones!
He has taken the mental side of skiing using his NLP and Hypnosis skills to another level. Roddy is a born communicator and combines this with his love of skiing and vast experience to help his clients achieve goals beyond their expectations.
A friend and a truly amazing coach and instructor – he is a MUST if you want to make massive advancement in your skiing.

Bobby Rimmer - top UK boxing coach

I have known Bobby Rimmer for about 8 years now and have had the priveledge of working with some of the top professional boxers from his camp. Bobby was Ricky Hattons co-trainer and has worked with some of the most acclaimed British boxers from the UK.
Bobby now owns Bobby Rimmers Boxing Academy in Stalybridge and has one of the best reputations in the business. He is one of the few truley committed trainers in the sport putting his athletes before everything else and still has the passion for the sport 30 years on from when he was a pro fighter himself.

Winners Professional Boxing in Chelmsford, Essex

An epic club run by Billy Long and Ross Woolgrove. Working with outstanding amateur and professional boxers with a long history of winners. They have a commitment to younger boxers and have an outstanding track record and commitment with them.
The gym also caters for fitness and general conditioning with up to date facilities.
Most of all - you have coaches here who are experienced, passionate about what they do and DONT see thier boxers as "pay days" which some of the trainers do. Ethical trainers with true commitment.

Anderson Powerlifting - the ONLY powerlifting gear provider

Ken Anderson is the owner of this company and is one of the most knowledgeable people I have even met with regards to powerlifting equipement including the dreaded bench shirt!! How do you think I have been benching over 200kg at 86kg bodyweight?!
They are based in the US but do speacial rates for UK buyers and work out cheaper than buying from the UK. I would not trust anyone else to sell me powerlifting equipment - they also customise and fit everything just for you from over 30 years experience. I cannot recommend them hightly enough.