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Stopping Competing

When you retire there can be problems......

So, you spent your life competing.
Getting up every day with that one goal in your mind, sacrificing everything and pushing through barriers you never thought you would get through and all of a sudden it stops.

The daily all consuming focus and drive you applied to your sport now has to channeled somewhere and for many they find a way to push thier focus onto something else.

For a lot of us, because we have to be almost obcessive about our sport, when we leave that sport and that routine, it means that whatever we turn our attention to to apply the same 100% focus to it. We have to do it to 100% and that also means the things that are maybe not so good for us so if we develop a problem at that point then we do the problem 100% as well!!

The loss of that one thing in our lives which fulfills us is almost like a bereavement process and the rush and adrenalin on a day to day basis is gone so we try to fill it with as many "passions" as possible.

We can find ourselves with an addiction to get that rush back or to feel as confident as we did when we were recognised and had prowess from our wins and successes and it can feel as though we are disappearing into obscurity in a way even though we might be really successful in the other ventures we go into.

There can also be a total loss of direction, confidence and "self" when we stop competing which will compound any other issues lurking in the background.

This is where the work we do can help.
As an international athlete or 24 years competing experience and having worked with many people who have retired from thier sport there is an understanding of the loss associated with this.

You are worked with to regain direction, motivation, belief in yourself and the ability to build something new just like you did with your sporting career and get that eternal drive back and the fire that made you train like no else you know and prove the disbelievers wrong. We also deal with other issues which have come up, from addictions to OCD to all the other problems which can occur that run alongside this.

Believe me when I say it isnt over, your career isnt finished and you can have that same feeling you had back then, just in a different area and we have the expertise, real time experience and professional therapeutic skills to get you there.