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Some people call it fear - it’s simply anxiety and it can punch us at any time. You can regain control; you can deal with it and be liberated


Whether it is competing anxiety, doubt, performance, expectation or anything else which produces that anxious feeling - we have all had it at some time.

The question I ask you IS
"IS this anxiety - or is it anticipation for something you are about to do?"

Many of us think that when we get that flutter and heart racing feeling coupled with the old dry mouth effect, that it always has to be a negative anxious response.

Sometime clients mistake anxiousness for actual anticipation of something they are about to do and that is a very different thing. There isnt really a negative thought process or doubt just the "not knowing" if you can do it..........and that isnt anxiety.

So before you THINK you have anxiety and therefore produce it, stop, just for a moment and decide if this is a normal behaviour and not in fact negative. If it is "anticipation" then you are now in the best place you could be and you can USE it.

If it is coupled with doubt and overriding negative thought processes then yes, you have a lovely case of anxiety! on...........

Anxiety affects us all at some level and sometimes it can feel like we are out of control and it is in fact controlling us. It can affect us in many different ways at different times and can be anxiety of an event, social anxiety, competition anxiety, public and stage anxiety, performance and can show up in almost anything we do.

It doesnt have to come from anything specific but is coased by embedded triggers and associations that your brain makes in relation to the success or failure of what you are about to do. Its all about your perception.

The problem is that a series of thought patterns happen which we seem to lose control of, which are usually negative and can build and distort out of all proportion sending you hurtling towards the "worst case scenario" route. The most frustrating thing is that we know we are doing it, it is illogical, but can’t seem to stop it and can start to rule your life and in some cases cause insomnia, stress, depression and physical changes. It will stop you in your tracks from achieving what you want to achieve.

The way you see your world changes with your environment and emotional state. A simple thought process can take you from the best state of mind to the worst in a few seconds and dealing with anxiety is all about management of the perception of your "world" at that moment.

Your internal dialogue decides on how you will react to what you think is happening and your own ability at that moment which is why it is imperitive you learn to change, manage and use it. For instance the fears that go round in in heads like "dont lose the fight" or "dont bomb out" not only are negative drivers but also fire certain parts of the brain which send signals to your body to make sure you are "protected" from being in that situation and rather than suddenly finding fire in your belly you notice that all the power has gone from your striking or the drive has disppeared from the bottom of a squat.

There are some very straight forward techniques to deal with anxiety and also self management, which I will go into once we get the rest of the site up and you can start using them to get past these issues hindering you from greatness.

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