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Chris Gearing - World Powerlifting Champion

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James Lewellin

The Psychology of Strength - Ultimate Performance Realised

Competing in strength and power sports requires something unique.
Being able to access that ultimate drive, power, motivation and results is paramount - but how the hell do you do it and how does it work?

The Iron Psyche Seminar takes all the training and years of experience with clients and personal competing and combines it into a straight forward day long presentation to show you how:

  • Your brain signalling effects your physical output
  • The way you think directly dictates your physical results and performance
  • Negative mind set and how to change it
  • Your neurology and the communication between the brain and the body process
  • Understanding your focus and how to stay locked in
  • To overcome negative mindset and zone into that burning drive
  • Access your ultimate performance and what it is
  • The over analytical thought process and how to manage it
  • Finding your optimum power and strength state and how to make that work with your training and competing every time
  • How to overcome loss of motivation and what causes it
  • To take your talent, ability and potential, harness the psychological techniques and stuff the opposition.
  • Training, pre competition and during competition prep
    • There is so much more to this and anyone who thinks your mental state doesnt effect your physical performance is quite clearly naive, deluded, or at best, ignorant. Learn what will make you succeed with someone who not only has the qualifications but also has the international competitive experience, has made the mistakes, who has real time history with clients and numerous success stories over the years of taking people to regain or attain the ultimate performance they never thought they would reach.

      We pride ourselves in presenting the info in a real, practical and useable way so you can start implementing your new found knowledge immediately. This is real workable info from real knowledge and first hand experience with World Title/World Record success - we prove it , not theorise.

      We are currently updating our seminars and the release of the book and DVD in May will be a monumental turning point for us.
      So, we are waiting until the release of the book and the DVD before we host any further seminars as this means you will already have a good background in the ethos, techniques, neurology and physiological reactions before you attend.

      Viva la difference and real results!!!!

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Emma James

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IRONPSYCHE 2 - coming soon.....

Being launched in January 2011 in the USA is IronPsyche 2. This is taking you to a new level utilising advanced techniques and one to one tuition with a maximum of 10 in the group.
The day begins with the theory behind the techniques you will use in the afternoon and then you will actually be training using the techniques with the personal attention of Emma James and Chris Turnbull.
We can only take 10 per group and full details will be announced shortly so if you want to ask us for further details or pre book a place then drop us a line.
Get ready to take your competing that further step and get the advantage over those lesser mortals.