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Post Injury Rehab

This is the beginning - not the end Your ultimate opportunity to create excellence - this is the time to do it.

Coming back after an injury or medical procedure is not just about the physical rehabilitation. You have regain confidence in the body, your ability and belief that you can come back not only to where you were before – but even better.

The constant swing between knowing that logically you will heal and improve and then suddenly thinking your competing career is at an end can be soul destroying and having been there myself the work I do with clients has been very successful as well as having the opportunity to develop techniques and procedures from that experience.

The amazing thing about injuries and rehab work is that so often it in fact teaches us better technique, corrects imbalances and also improves confidence which surpasses anything we ever thought we would feel. This is in fact the optimum time to strip the entire mental process back to basics and create the unsurpassed mental infrastructure to produce ultimate performance which feeds neurologically to your physical performance.

We usually do this over web session but I also consult at my offices and also on clinic tours with follow up by web conference. This is real opportunity – not setback.