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You over anaylse, you make yourself anxious by “what if”, you think yourself out of a lift and you stop the natural flow of your performance. Stop killing your potential.

Over thinking during training, prior to a game or competing or even worse, during competition, can completely impair or block performance and in fact stop you altogether.

For some this manifests in over analyzing which then builds anxiety, compounds negative issues and embeds a behavior which will take you consistently into a negative or what we call “conscious” process. You may go over all the things you should remember, concentrate on all the things you “shouldn’t do”, outthink yourself and build up stress of what “might” happen.

For those who are in explosive sports – it is essential that prior to competing or training, there is no thought process as such as this then stops your own natural flow which is embedded from the years of training and technique work and has got you to where you are now.

If you think about your best ever performance, you probably will notice that you cannot remember all of it or that it is “hazy” and that it all felt natural and easy and you didn’t have to think about it – it just happened and was in a strange kind of way “effortless”.

This is your optimum performance state but being athletes, we are always looking for improvements and watching for anything we need to remember to do and not to do. We are always looking for that “secret” but the truth is – there is no secret, we create it ourselves.

Dealing with and stopping the over analytical thought process is straight forward and easy and I can guarantee you, with practice and following instructions – you will see immediate and profound improvements. The process is something I have used and developed for my own competing and with clients for years and the results have been nothing short of amazing.

You can easily book right now, a web session for an individual structured session to give you the techniques and on going process to continually achieve your best performance.