We all tend to panic and look for the "secret", that one technique, supplement, equipment or coaching help that gives us the edge and it isn't about the physical. It's about the mental preparation. the process that happens before we compete and as we are doing it. It is about the belief we have in ourselves, the judgment and pressure we feel from others as we seem to have to prove ourselves over and over again, to our training partners, coaches, family, our country and most of all, to ourselves.

Our approach is different in that this is dedicated to power and strength sports where the real dedication lies and you push yourself to the limit constantly. We work with understanding your perceived limitations, blocks, embedded reactions, blocks and then divert, release and remove behaviours, beliefs and allow your pure neurological physical reactions to work unhindered by your believed limits. We blow the boundaries for you giving you the ability to tap into your ultimate mindset.

I use a revolutionary approach from years as a leading therapist in the UK which is based on neuroplasticity. This is the brains abaility to function and change in different ways and through a redirection in thought process we are able to produce new connections from the brain to the body to incorporate areas which were previously unused or redirect signalling. This came from ground breaking research in stroke patients and I am currently the first psychological performance therapist to utilise it for sport.

We have many ways of getting you to your optimum performance state. The site is being developed at the moment so that we can give you the inside track into performance and ways to create and perfect your training and competing strategy.