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Well now – one of my favorite issues here and also one of the
most debated as I have a very different approach to this problem.

Here it is.

In order for you to succeed in sport at a high level you need a certain
amount of a wee problem called OCD. Now most people thing that
OCD is shutting a door 23 times. Nope. In extreme cases it is but in
mild forms it is simply what we commonly call “perfectionism”.

The problem with this is that people who have OCD at lower level become exceptionally focused on anything they turn their attention to, to the exclusion of everything and everyone else which can cause conflict, personal issues and in some cases self harm. It can be highly destructive and the level of internal thought processes which continually bombard you can be highly distressing as well as creating unwanted behaviors and sometimes insomnia.

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My approach is to leave a certain level of “perfectionism” with the client as I believe that you need a certain degree of it to meet your ultimate potential and you will already have understood the sacrifices you need to make in order to get there. If you remove all levels then it is probably the client will lose their drive to the peak they need it at.

What we do work on is management and possible therapeutic reduction of the level of OCD so that you can still have a life and relationships plus give you practical techniques which you can implement yourself. This is all done over bi weekly sessions either on web or personal session until the client feels they are managing well enough themselves.
Normally a maximum of 3 or 4 sessions with possible follow ups when required.