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Eating Disorders

From problems going off season to comfort and binge eating, anorexia and exercise anorexia

From competing and diet regime we have in serious training, sometimes eating disorders can occur. This particularly happens when we have to go off season to allow the metabolism to return to its normal rate and also if you are trying to gain weight and find that you cant bring yuorself to do it. We can also be subject to bine eating usually from having rigorous training diets and the cravings become overwhelming which can then turn into a problem in its own right.

For some, being able to do that can become impossible and the feeling of putting on body fat or seeing the physique change can be incredibly difficult. This can result in just plain difficulty or can end up in bulimia, binge eating disorders, comfort eating or anorexia in its more disguisable form of exercise anorexia.

Exercise anorexia can be hidden extremely well as we are expected to look a certain way and also have a certain type of diet plus the level of training. Some people with already existing eating disorder go into certain sports as it suits them to hide it.
From my own part this is one of the areas I specialize in as I had exercise anorexia and overcame it.


My approach with eating disorders is work within what is “acceptable” to the client at that time. There is no point is expecting someone to start eating or stop purging after eating if there is fear that they will start putting on weight or lose some essence of control. So – we work within acceptable boundaries and build from there and also implement a way to ensure we restore the metabolic rate as usually it has been repressed so badly the client in fact is consuming virtually nothing and putting on body fat. This section is probably one of the most difficult to write so small sections will be added each month. This is also an area which is a speciality for e as I have worked with clients with eating disorders for many years and written extensively on the subject. I also had exercise anorexia as well and appreciate the desperation attached to most eating disorders. This is about a gradual and guided progression to taking back control and regaining the “choice” in your eating and how you look.


This only scratches the surface of the complexities of eating related disorders and myriad of different presentations of them but in sport, eating disorders are very common and many of us have been there.

As well as trying to provide you with a resource which may at least help in recognising the problem im going to add in some footage of work with a few clients wich hopefully will allow you to relate and put into action some steps to taking back the control you know is there, that you apply to so many other areas of your life and you know deep down you can overcome.