As a professional therapist in Neuro Linguistics, Clinical Hypnosis and TLT as well as training and accrediting therapists, Emma James is also a competivite international strength athlete. She has years of experience dealing with clients with issues across the board and is a published author, lecturer and trainer of therapists and worked in a number of countries including the USA, Nepal, Italy and Poland.

She has also been there in terms of many of the issues which face anyone who trains or competes like you do, which means there is a complete understanding rather than an academic who doesnt get it.

We are building an on line resourse to help you gain inside understanding of the psychological issues and strategies which affect your success rate so you can take control of your results NOW and change them. Hang in there with us while we build this.....

Are you a witchdoctor?

Ah, no.
I wish I was!
The site is based on the years of therapeutic work carried out with countless sports people and also research into phsyiological and neurological responses and brain function.
I cant cover every issue you might come across and do offer one to one sessions if you feel you need more help. I have been blessed with some of the top names in sport as clients and seen people come back from an "ended" competing career to take international titles.
Take control of your results - get IronPsyched.

How does the site work?

We have a number of ways to deal with common training and competing
The site is being set up right now to become a resource for you to utilise, interact and pick up techniques which will send you rocketing into real performance!

Hang in there with us while we update and create!