Booking & Fees

One ot One at the Manchester Office

1st Session which is up to 2 hours is 120.00 pounds
Each session after that which lasts up to one and a half hours is 75.00 pounds sterling

Generally I try to get everything done in one session but sometimes we need to do additional sessions. I do not prescribe set amounts of sessions as many therapists do, we just see how it goes and also work with your budget.

WebConference Sessions for international clients

For web conferencing/video conferencing clients the fees are different.
I have a number of international clients and we carry out live sessions over video link at pre arranged times. These sessions can be just as effective although we do run international clinics along side the IronPsyche seminars.

1st session which is one and a half hours 90 pounds sterling (please use conversion rates for your currency)
Each session after that is 50 pounds and is a maximum of one hour and can be used for ongoing coaching sessions.

Touring Clinic Sessions

We run clinics along side the IronPsyche seminars and limit the length of time for the appointments to one hour. Please chack our tour dates for clinic locations and dates in the
uk and USA.

One hour session: 60 pounds sterling ($90) for non IronPsyche Seminar delegates
  50 pounds sterling ($75) for attendees for IronPsyche delegates