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It doesn’t matter what you want to admit about sport –
there are substances and addictions associated with
sport. They may not be performance enhancing
necessarily – but they still exist. We are perfectionists
and with perfection comes the obsession and passion
to perform at your best so when addictions occur – it
will be understandable and logical, the only shame
attached to an addiction is when you don’t deal with
it and this is the first step.

Substance addictions from steroids to stimulants, to narcotics, nubane and other addictions not actually relating to a substance can all be due to a time when it seemed to help or do the very nature of a driven athlete – sometimes the intense focus or obsession can spill over into other areas making them an addiction.

Our expectations of ourselves and trying to get that winning performance back or maintain it put a lot of percieved pressure on us and we search all the time for that one thing which will either give us that feeling of drive, clarity, power or just "feeling alive" and if we did reac hit or feel whilst using a substance then we tend to use and overuse it.

Twith narcotics, sometimes it can be a way to switch off and not think, almost a mental holiday and occasional use is common for most of us.
It is when the "choice" stops and goes from "want to" to "need to" that i becmes a real issue and expecially if you are using to block out worries or issues you dont want to face.

My approach to dealing with addictions is very different from the conventional routes taken. The actual addiction itself is not in fact discussed, what we identify is the feeling or result you get from the source and then deal with the underlying problem causing you to need it. So, in other words we leave the substance or object of the addiction alone and work from the real cause of the problem up therefore allowing the need to reduce gradually and naturally without the feeling of pressure encountered in conventional treatments and being told "you cant do that any more" which usually causes the oposite effect.

Our approach to addictions - a unique & effective concept

This strategy has proved hugely successful and also helps to build the platform to replace the addiction. For instance, if you are using some type of performance enhancing drug then there will be a fear that if you stop then you will lose your ability and therefore the process is less likely to work. Whilst dealing with reducing the addiction – we also put a practical strategy in place to deal with the reason there may be resistance in letting it go.

We also have medical assistance if required which can be easily implemented at any time.

In the site, once we get the entire thing up, we will be discussing addictions and some methods of dealing with some of them but remember some addictions need to have madecial supervision but support and resources can be given here also.

Stay with us to interact and discuss some of the most taboo but common issues in our sports today.

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