The only World Champion and Internationally Acclaimed Psychologist, Performance Therapist, author, world wide lecturer specialising in strength & power sports - we prove it, not theorise

Emma James bench press bodybuilder powerlifter
Emma James Bench Press bodybuilder powerlifter
Emma James bodybuilder powerlifter lecturing

This is why we say "train with those that prove it every day" as so many teach the theory but have never put in to practice themselves. How can you teach athletes to improve their performance using these techniques if you have never competed at international level yourself? How can you teach therapists the intricacies and complexities of dealing with clients and coaches with their teams if you don’t do that on a regular basis and constantly research your work?

Other areas of expertise are providing coaches and individuals with exclusive techniques of how to produce high performance results continuously based on sports competition performance regimes and how to mentally get the correct mindset to produce consistent results.A truly unique and effective approach. She has worked with our top athletes including James Lewelin, Paul Smith, Brian Rose and with Bobby Rimmer one of Ricky Hattons former trainers.

On top of all that I travel internationally lecturing and working with clients in the USA, Poland, Italy and Ireland. I was in Kathmandu in December 2008 working with the Olympic Committee and Sports Council
of Nepal teaching mental coaching techniques to their coaches and working with the State University lecturing in psychological sport
performance techniques.

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Companies, Conferences and Lectures

I have been exceptionally lucky to have worked with some of the greatest armed forces, companies and individuals in the world. I have also taught and accredited many students from psychiatrists to lawyers and leading busines figureheads.
for some strange reason I also get asked to lecture at international conferences and here are a few of the many fabulous places and people I have worked with:

Taught and accredited to:
Royal Air Force (pressure performance tactics & full accreditation training)
Nepal Olympic Committe (worked in Katmandu with the coaches and mental performance techniques)
HSBC - Mortgages PLC
Ministry of Defence - careers Unit
Manchester United Football Club
By appointment to the Royal Family (cant remember the proper name of the bloody Royal Family!! There are a few of them!) - Saudi Arabia to teach at the Womens College in Riyadh, Suadi Arabia
Lancaster district Womens Aid
Rape Crisis

Lectured at:
ABNLP International Conference - Las Vegas
Tribhuvan University - Kathmandu, Nepal
Nepal Sports Council - Kathmandu
Performance in Sport - Warsaw, Poland
International MasterClass for Solgar - London
International NLP Sport Conference - Ghent, Belgium (keynote speaker)

Emma James Bodybuilder filming Rebel Diet DVD
Emma James Powerlifter teaching in Katmandu